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Amanda Lindroth + the Jolly blog + Hotel Silver
Going against all modern trends I am still a girl with a crush on shiny silver.
I especially love the dents and patina of hotel-plate silver which is a special formula devised a century and a half ago to bring a more durable silver to commercial hotels and other establishments.

Amanda Lindroth + The Jolly Blog + hotel silver
A prized possession of mine is a hotel-plate ladle from Wellesley, my alma mater. In fact hotel-plate was not reserved for hotels. It was in all good railroads, restaurants and corporate and institutional dining rooms. as such there are tons of treasures out and about.

Alas, as an avid Ebay-er most of my silly finds have come from the site.

The current lack of interest in these pieces has caused a bit of a hoarding situation here at Hope Hill.

Does one household really need 14 individual wicker handled coffee pots?

Did I really need the 6 matching newly-restored Connaught Hotel sauce boats I found from a magical dealer at the Atlanta Gift show?
Amanda Lindroth + hotel silver + The Jolly blog

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