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Inspiration for the new year

Designed to be easily interchangeable and classic wherever you choose to refresh your home.


entertaining with candlelight

Longer nights and gatherings call for warm lights


Amanda's Lew Lew Striped Boxes

Ever wondered where Amanda gets her endless creativity? Her mother crafted boxes much like these out of paper and filled them with small gifts or beautiful flowers for friends’ weddings.

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are you guest ready for the holidays

Layers upon cozy layers

If you dream of tropical vacations and being enveloped in the most luxurious beds, Amanda's bedding can take you there.

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Amanda Lindroth Design

White duck, boldly colored fabrics in solids, stripes, and jaunty prints, rattan and cane seating, whitewashed or colorfully painted English case furniture, canopied beds, straw matting—these are but some of the signature ingredients of an Amanda Lindroth interior.

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