Lewis Miller's Flower Flash

“Your magical generosity by way of these gestures of pure beauty and surprise represent your magnanimous spirit... with just the right touch of mischief.. True Love." -Amanda Lindroth to Lewis Miller via Instagram

Lewis Miller + Amanda Lindroth + Flower Flash

Imagine my Joy when I heard the News that one of my heroes in life would be on the tiny remote island in the Bahamas where we were making a site visit on a sparkling Spring Day this April.

Lewis Miller, a NY City based event planner, started surprising New Yorkers with his magical FLOWER FLASHes 4 or 5 years ago. He has created 70 or so of these making corners of the city and unexpected locations beautiful by creating splendid, giant spilling-over arrangements...often using a NY City Rubbish bin as his giant vase.
To me, this magnificent act of beauty and generosity coupled with a minor dose of mischief is one of the most touching gestures ever.
Unbeknownst to us, our client hired him to plan a party on the little island to commemorate her new house and birthday.
I was simply unable to hide my childish excitement when I was introduced. I fell in love. Really, truly in Love.
Lewis liked me too and dedicated his next Flower Flash to me. I think we are a couple now.
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