A Thank You Note to Oprah

Dear Oprah,

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me through words and actions for decades.

Your consistent lessons on gratitude have had a profound effect.

Learning to say thank you to the universe many times a day is life altering.

Even on very bad days our blessings are so plentiful. You taught me to remember that.

You have also taught courage.

Being brave and facing complicated things in a thorough and proper way is part of grown up life. Without these skills we get nowhere. Your examples of courage are abundant. 

You have paved the way for women. Your consistent message of empowerment has boosted the solid, global shift in equality.

You are an example of a complex and brilliant mind who is constantly challenging herself with businesses, ideas and initiatives. 

You taught me that life has different chapters and that achievement is not always a straight line. 

You reiterate in all that you do that we are where we need to be at present and that life is a journey.

Your commitment to those less fortunate sets an example for us all. 

This speaks also to respect. You have always respected all, even those with differing opinions.

I still need more work in that department sometimes.

I have dieted with you, cooked with you and spent every afternoon in my 30's under the covers using my "alone time" watching your show.

I started a new career at 50 carrying your lessons along.

I have had wonderful success and a wonderful time.

I make houses, clubs and small hotels beautiful and also make some pretty things for them.

You have chosen my Island Trays for your "Favorite Things" gift list.

This is huge for me and my company and I just wanted to write this little note to say THANK YOU.




PS: The Oprah Magazine is a favorite Instagram of mine! Follow along if you don't already:  @oprahmagazine



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